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The Nexus is the last place Lavi wants to be right now. In fact, there's only one place he wants to be right now, and that's in his world, fighting alongside his friends.

But those pesky little portals had different ideas, and now he's here. Upset as hell, but here.

He's also breathing hard, and battered. And remembering that Nexus time isn't anywhere close to his world time. The last time he spent a week here and less than 10 minutes had passed in his. So a few hours here, and he'd be rested enough to fight back, instead of just defend helplessly. Maybe it's a good thing he's here. Frustrating as anything, though. He's supposed to be FIGHTING, not hiding. His friends are fighting. They very well could be dying, too.

But logic deems he should take advantage of the unwanted circumstance. It should help him. Hopefully.

He's got to find a PiNpoint in the next while, though. Because portals hate him.

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated

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((because the mun suddenly realized she needs these linked))

Omi and Lavi Take 1, Ice Cream

Omi and Lavi take 2. Promises of amusement parks.

Angstubbling Omi and a journey to the park.

Omi and Lavi, in the park

Lavi is finally given a proper answer to the "what Omi is when he's not a florist" question.

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Lavi grins.

"Food is fine with me."

"...what's cotton candy?"

Current Mood: yay!

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Lavi is wandering aimlessly through an empty apartment, peering curiously into the corners and basically snooping. It doesn't look like anyone has lived here for a while, but it's not like that would stop him anyway. He picks up a can of what might be canned beets, or possibly dog food, and examines it carefully.

"Still don't know what that is," he says as he puts it down. "Hell, I don't even know where HERE is."

It's what he gets for walking through strange doors, he supposes. But there wasn't supposed to be a door there and, darnit, he couldn't let it go unexplored. The panda would be very upset.

Okay, so the panda would have been upset either way. But part of that was the fact that the panda had been LOOKING for him at the time of his adventure through the mystery door. So, yes. Through the door it was.

And into a world of...people. Mostly people. A lot of things that looked vaguely like they should be Akuma, too. And they'd turned out to be perfectly nice and very much alive.

"Where, exactly, is this?" Lavi wonders aloud. He's not expecting an answer. He's talking to himself. If he wanted an answer he'd walk out to the weird flashing sign and ask IT.

Current Mood: curious curious

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